Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A brief recoup

After Venice we, all, came back to a pressing deadline for a grave project in Cyprus - still being completed as I write this - made out of untreated travertino marble, copper and solid iroko blocks. We aslo came back to the doom of 'the crisis', where rejections were aplenty and depression on our doorstep. Writing about boat shoes or Nicosia (yet again and again), obligatory about Obama and partying on the streets while Athens (and later Bejing) was burning kept us alive and alert. And then MCP launched her first jewellery collection, and got one well deserved show after the other -with another one coming in September- an internship at DMD materialised for Maria-the-architect, and APOTHEKE, a long time Nicosia HQ of our other projects, was re-radicalised (and painted) in the face of a new conservatism in Cyprus and its art-world, becoming a mini-institute for and promoter of unashemedly difficult and critical works like Orestis Lambrou challenging photosof the interior of the abandoned Nicosia Airport, a symbolic and exemolary Cypriot modernist building.

And before you can say Nicosia Architectural Biennale, we will be co-curaing its second installment under the title Public Works - an anti-masterplan, anti-romanticising immersion into the walled city of Nicosia, which will include a radical landscaping project. More Soon.

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